Frequently Asked Questions

You can visit our Council Login page to view a list of our councils. Telephone numbers are listed next to each Council name.

Council Login

Most Councils accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Some Councils accept American Express and eChecks. After you login, payment options will be displayed in the Cart.

If you wish to mail in your payment or pay at the council office, contact them directly. Your registration will not be completed until after you checkout. Remember to SUBMIT your order in the Cart.

If you did not receive your verification email in your inbox, please check your spam or quarantine folder. If you still can't find your verification email, try creating your account one more time just to make sure that you did not mis-type your email address. If you do not receive the email again, please contact your council and ask them to create the account for you.

It is possible that your verification email was blocked from delivery by your e-mail account.

Please see our Blue Card Reports page for detailed instructions on finding and printing your Blue Cards.

There are 3 possible scenarios to why you can not reserve facilities.

  1. Your council does not utilize facility reservation as part of Tentaroo.
  2. When you created your account, you selected the Account Type as Individual/Family or Non-Profit. These two types of accounts require council approval in order to reserve facilities. You will need to contact your council and ask that reserving facilities be allowed.
  3. The council has removed your permission to reserve facilities. You will need to contact your council to resolve your situation.

For help with registering for an event, you will need to contact your council. You can locate council telephone numbers here:


Each council utilizing Tentaroo has a completely independent and secure system. You will need to setup a new account for each council; however, the registration process will be the same from council to council.

Contact your Council to request a refund per their cancellation policy. Visit our list of councils for contact information:

Council Login

The most likely reason you cannot create an account in the system is that an account already exists for the unit.

If you have the previous unit leader's contact information, you can request the login credentials from them. If you are unable to connect with the previous unit leader, you will need to reach out to the council and ask them to update the account's contact information and email you the login credentials.