Reserving Facilities

From campsites to cabins, dining halls to conference centers, many councils offer their facilities to Scout groups, other non-profits, and outside groups year-round. Tentaroo makes this easy with our Facilities Reservation system.


How to Register

Adding Facility Reservations (Year Round Camping) is a 2 part process.

  1. Create a trip.
  2. Reserve your your cabins, campsite or other facilities. 


Part 1: Creating a Trip

Login or create a new account to get started. How to Create an Account

1) From the Events & Facilities Menu, scroll to the bottom to find available Facilities properties. Select the one you wish to reserve.

2) Browse available facilities such as campsites and conference rooms by clicking Find Available Facilities. This shows which facilities are available on which dates.

Then, click Add a Trip to set your dates, times, and participant numbers.

3) To create your Trip, fill in the details of when you are coming, how many participants you are bringing, and whom to contact with questions. Note: no costs are associated with this first step, and you can modify participant numbers for each reservation from here.

4) Click Add Trip


Part 2: Adding Reservations to Your Trip

5) Now that you have a Trip set up, you can add reservations within that trip time frame. Select your Trip in the Events & Facilities Menu.

6) Click Add/View Reservations to continue.  This will take you to the Reservations tab.

7) From the Type dropdown, select the type of reservation you want to make, such as cabins or a climbing wall.

8) Click Add Reservation.

9) The calendar shows available dates for each facility.


Available for reservation.
Not Available for reservatioin, there is a conflicting reservation.
Available for check-out, but not check-in.
Blackout Date: The facility is in use by the council.

10) Click your preferred facility from the list on the left to add your reservation.



11) In the calendar box, select your start date for this reservation.

12) Then, in the second calendar, select your end date.

13) Verify your # of Participants using this facility and review your pricing. Details and features of this facility are listed on the right.

14) Click Save Reservation to add this to your cart.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any reservations or changes to your cart. Your bookings will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.


Paying for Your Trip

15) To finalize adding the reservation to your Trip, you will need to Checkout and make a full or partial payment. Enter how much you wish to pay here, which will add that amount to your Shopping Cart.

16) You can then add another reservation or Checkout.

17) Checkout - Review Items added from your reservations, change or delete Items, and make payment. You can add multiple Facility Reservations to your shopping cart and pay for multiple trips at one time.

Payment options include Credit/Debit Cards or, for some councils, eChecks. Contact your council if you need assistance making an alternate payment arrangement such as Unit Account payments or mailing in a payment. It is up to the council what payment types they will accept.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any reservations or changes to your cart. Your bookings will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.


Making Changes to Your Trip

18) To modify a Trip, first select it from the Events & Facilities Menu - all Facilities get sorted to the bottom of the list.

19) Review your Trip Details, then click Add/View Reservations to make modifications.

20) To create a new Trip on another date using the same or other Facilities, click on the Bold Facility in the Events & Facilities Menu. This will bring up the options outlined in Steps 1 & 2 to add a new Trip.

21) Select the reservation you wish to modify and click Open Reservation.

22) You can also add another reservation to your Trip - select the Type from the dropdown menu and then click Add Reservation.

23) Make a payment on your Trip by clicking Add Payment.

24) View your Trip Itinerary by clicking the Itinerary button at the bottom.

25) Modifying the details of a reservation are very similar to the initial setup:

  • Choose or change your start and end dates for that reservation. This has to be within the dates of your Trip.  For some facilities such as pools or climbing towers, you may be able to select just one day.
  • Update the # Of Participants using this reservation.
  • Save Reservation to update your total fees - you will need to Submit your Order in the Shopping Cart before changes are applied.

26) You can also Remove Reservation if you are no longer going to use it. Contact the Council for details on payments made.  Reductions won't be allowed in the system past a certain date, you'll need to contact your Council to discuss cancellations at that point.

27) When you have saved your updates, you will be asked to add a payment to your Shopping Cart if you have a balance due.

28) Click Checkout and go to the Cart to make a payment and submit your order to finalize your updates.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any reservations or changes to your cart. Your bookings will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.


Trip Reports

Once you checkout from the cart you will receive two email notifications:

  1. New Trip Confirmation
  2. Receipt

You can also download a Trip Itinerary from your Tentaroo account.


New Trip Confirmation

New Trip Confirmation - This notification includes the payment status of your Trip and a summary of the reservations included.



Receipt - Your receipt shows any payments that were made during this transaction. Receipts are generated for all purchases made through the Cart and only reflect amounts paid in that transaction. To view balances due, refer to the New Trip Confirmation email or login to your Tentaroo account and review your Trips and Event Registrations.


Trip Itinerary

Trip Itinerary - This report is available for download from your Tentaroo account. The Itinerary provides an overview of your Trip, including the location of the Facility or Facilities you have reserved, dates and times for each portion of your trip, and amounts paid and balances due.

Please, note that any changes you've made in your Cart will not show up on this report until you checkout.