Individuals-Based Registrations

The majority of council events need to know the names of the individual youth and/or adults who are registering along with basic contact information.

Individual participants may also have the option to register for classes.


How to Register

1) Select your event from the list of Events and Facilities on the left.

2) Click on YOUR ROSTER to add or update your list of available members. Editing YOUR ROSTER

3) If YOUR ROSTER is current, you can go directly to EVENT REGISTRATION and start adding participants


Event Registration - Add a New Registrant

4) Add a new registrant from Your Roster by clicking one of the following:

  • To Add a Youth:
    • Above the Youth Registrations box, click + New
    • In the center, click + New Youth Registration
  • To Add an Adult:
    • In the center, click + New Adult Registration
    • Above the Adult Registrations box, click + New
Note: Some events only have online registration for just youth, or just adults. If that's the case, only youth or adult options will appear here.

5) Choose Participant - this list is pulled from Your Roster. If you do not see the name you want on this visit, Your Roster to add them.

6) Choose Participant Type - this dropdown will allow you to choose the specific Participant Type if the event has more than one to choose from, i.e. Youth - Base Camp, Youth - High Adventure.

7) Choose Event - Some events, such as Cub Scout Day Camp, may have various dates and/or locations to choose from.

8) Click Create Registration to add the individual to the event and continue.

9) Complete any needed fields for the individual and then Save or Continue to Pick Classes

  • Save will appear if classes are not needed for the event
  • Continue to Pick Classes takes you to the next tab for the individual to select Classes:

10) Drag and Drop classes/options from the list on the right into the Current Schedule box on the left.


11) Hovering over symbols next to the classes/options provide more information, such as the cost for the class.


  • ? Description - hover over the blue question mark for details.
  • $ Fees - hover over the dollar sign to view fees.
  • * Minimum Age - hover over the star to view age requirements.

12) Conflicting schedule items will automatically disappear to prevent overbooking. Only classes or options that do not conflict with Scheduled options will remain in the Available Classes box.

13) When you are done, click Save. You can then add more Registrations or checkout.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any registrations or changes to your cart. Your spots will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.

Paying for the Event

14) Option 1: Continue Event Registration:

  • Add a New Youth Registration or a New Adult Registration

15) Option 2: Event Payment Options, Checkout:

  • A summary of items and fees in your cart is shown in the top right.
  • Enter Payment Amount (if partial payments are allowed) or Pay Full Amount.
  • Click Checkout.


16) Checkout - Review Items added from your registrations, change or delete Items, and make payment. You can add multiple Event Registrations to your shopping cart and pay for multiple events at one time.

Payment options include Credit/Debit Cards or, for some councils, eChecks. Contact your council if you need assistance making an alternate payment arrangement such as Unit Account payments or mailing in a payment. It is up to the council what payment types they will accept.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any registrations or changes to your cart. Your spots will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.


Modifying an Existing Registration

16) Choose the event you wish to modify from the Events & Facilities list on the left.

17) Select the specific event from the list in the center pane.

18) Click Manage Registration(s) to make updates to your registration. This will take you to the Event Registration tab. Review steps above regarding adding Registrants and selecting Classes.

19) Click Add Payment to pay on a balance. See Making a Payment to an Existing Registration below.

20) Use the Reports dropdown to generate a variety of reports for the event registration.

If your registration isn't showing up in these reports, you may need to checkout. Any items in your cart will not included in these reports.

  • Invoice
  • Participant Roster
  • Class Schedule, PDF
  • Class Schedule, Export
  • Requirements Completed
  • Blue Cards - Front
  • Blue Cards - Back
Please also note the Instructions button at the bottom left - this is a great place to get a refresher when you are working on a registration.

Making a Payment to an Existing Registration

21) When you click Add Payment on the account Home tab, you will see a box with Your Event Registration Payment Status details.

Using either the New Amount in Cart slider or the New Payment box, enter the amount you would like to pay on the event.

22) Click Add Payment at the bottom and the payment amount will be added to your Cart. You can add payments for multiple events to the Cart and make a single payment if desired.

23) Visit your CART to review your items and make payment.

Contact your council if you have specific questions relating to an event.

IMPORTANT: Please remember to checkout soon after adding any registrations or changes to your cart. Your spots will not be reserved until you’ve checked out.

Other Event Registration Types


Spots-Reserved Registrations

Summer Camp-Style Registrations