Registering for events

There are three types of Event Registration setups in Tentaroo.

  1. The first is a Individuals-Based Registration - the council needs to know who is coming by name from each unit or family group.
  2. The second is a Spots-Reserved Registration - the council needs to know how many spots your group needs.
  3. The third is a Summer Camp-Style Registration - this is a combination of the first two registration types. The council first needs to know how many spots your unit needs, and later wants to know who is coming by name and what classes each individual is taking.


Summer Camp-Style Registrations

Select events, like Summer Camp, will ask for both numbers of spots, then individual participants. First, they require an early estimate of how many spots are needed for your group, and then on a later date the names of individual registrants and their classes will be added.

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Individuals-Based Registrations

These events require the names of the individual youth and/or adults who are registering along with basic contact information and event-specific data. Named registrants may also have the option to register for classes.

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Spots-Reserved Registrations

For this type of event, you’ll only be asked for the number of spots you want to reserve, instead of adding individual participants.

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