How to create an account

Here are the steps to creating an account.

Locate your Council's login page.  Council Login


Creating Account

1) Select the event or facility you wish to register for.


2) Enter your unit's or family's information

3) To complete account setup, click Create Account button 


An account for this unit has already been created. Please verify your Unit Type, Unit, Council and District and try again. If an account has already been created for your unit, either use the Lost Password form or contact the council.


4) If your unit already has an account in the system, you will receive an error message.  You will need to contact your unit leadership or the council to gain access to the account.  At this point, you can also try retrieving your password using the "Lost Password?" form on the left side of the page. The account email address is required to request the password.

Your account could not be created.
That e-mail address already exists in our system. Please use a different e-mail address or use your existing account.


5) Accounts are required to have unique e-mail addresses. If you receive this message, try retrieving your password using the "Lost Password?" form on the left side of the page or utilize a different e-mail address.


Verifying Your Email

6) When your account is successfully created, a verification e-mail will be sent to you.

Check your inbox and click on the verification link.  You will be sent back to the website where you can login.  

If you do not receive the message, check your junk folder to make sure it did not get tagged as spam.  If you still did not receive the message, please try to create the account again or contact your council for assistance.

7) Click on the Activate Account link to verify your e-mail address.

8)  Your account has now been verified and activated. Click on the link to login to your new Tentaroo account.


Now you can learn how to Manage Your Account, register for EVENTS, and reserve FACILITIES