Blue Card Reports

Downloading Blue Card reports in a Tentaroo system is quick and easy. You can watch our video guide or simply follow the steps below:

See Video Guide

Step 1 - Login to your council's system

Each council has a unique system, so if your Scout took classes in more than one council, you will need to do this for each council. We have a complete listing at

Go to Council Login

Step 2 - Navigate to your event

  1. From your account Home screen, click on Events in the left menu.
  2. Go to My Past Events. You will see a list of all the past events your Scout participated in.
  3. Select the event your Merit Badge class was part of.
  4. Click Past. You will find the week or session your Scout was registered for here.
  5. Choose the session you want your Blue Cards from.

Step 3 - Download your Blue Cards

Click on Reports and select Blue Cards (Front) and then Blue Cards (Back) to download. You can now use these to print double sided copies of the Merit Badge Application. If you have any questions about the data on those cards, please contact your council.