Managing your account


Getting Started in Tentaroo

Watch the Getting Started in Tentaroo video for guidance on setting up an account, logging in, and navigating the Tentaroo system.

Helpful Time Stamps:

  • Create a New Account (0:18)
  • Login to an Account or Retrieve Password (1:01)
  • Event Registration (1:58)
  • Facility Reservation (2:28)
  • Cart (3:03)
  • Account Settings (3:26)



Step-by-step instructions

  1. Login to your council's system
  2. Create Account
    • Select Event or Facility, then complete the Create Account form.
    • Verify your e-mail address. If you don't receive the verification e-mail within a few minutes, check your spam/junk folders.
    • Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Contact your council for assistance if an account already exists for you or your unit.
  3. Forgot Password?
    • Enter the e-mail address associated with your account.
    • Check your inbox or spam/junk folder for the e-mail with your login information. This also goes to the Alternate Contact.
    • Contact your council for assistance if you do not have access to the e-mail address associated with your account.


Your Account Home

  1. My Events – Your upcoming registered events.
  2. My Trips – Your upcoming trips. Click to view Reservations in each trip.
  3. Settings – Contains three sections:
    • Profile: Update account contact information, change username and password.
    • My Group: Add, edit, or remove individuals from your account. Formerly "My Roster".
    • Previous Orders: View and print receipts for your prior transactions. View credit on file.
  4. Shopping Cart – Will display a number if items are in the cart; these items are not finalized until you check out. Check out often on events and facilities with limited capacities.
  5. Feedback – Send feedback to your council.
  6. Facilities – See list of locations available and your upcoming trips. Add new trips or modify upcoming trips, and add reservations through the wizard.
  7. Events – See lists of events available for registration, future events not yet open for registration, your future events, and your past events. Click on an event to register or modify an existing registration.
  8. Home – Return to the Home screen from anywhere in the system.
  9. Hamburger Menu – Toggle this menu to access all points of the system from any screen on any device.