Managing your account


Account Overview

1) PROFILE - Update your unit or individual/family contact information and login credentials.

2) YOUR ROSTER - Add, delete, and update members of your unit or family. Most councils run updates on in-council units at least once a year.

3) PRODUCTS - Browse available items in the council's online store and add them to your CART.

PRODUCTS availability varies from council to council.

4) ORDERS - View past purchases and payments made by your group and download printable receipts.

Additionally, you can register for EVENTS and reserve FACILITIES.  These topics are covered in this manual.

Update Account Profile

5) Each account has room for two contacts - a Primary Contact (required) and an Alternate Contact (optional). Both will receive notifications when registrations are created or updated and when payments are made. 

6) In the Account box, you can change the username and password for the account. Make sure to share the new credentials with all account managers.

7) Don't forget to Save your changes!

Maintain Unit/Family Members

8) To update an individual, select their name from the Roster list on the left. You can add or change information in the fields that appear in the Edit Youth/Adult section and Save.

Available and Required fields are determined by the Event/Facility selected - you can change this from the Switch Event/Facility dropdown in the top right, then click Refresh.

9) To add a new individual to your Roster, click + New for either a Youth or an Adult. Complete their details in the Edit Youth/Adult section and Save. Click + New to add another**.

**Do not overwrite an existing individual's data to add a new member - this will change the individual to the new name and confuse saved data.

10) If a member has left the unit, you can Delete their roster entry by checking the Delete? box and clicking Save. This will remove them from your active roster.

11) To view data on a previously deleted individual, check Display Deleted and previously deleted members will appear in the Roster in italics. You can retrieve any of their data at any time.

12) When changes have been made to data, the Save button will change from a green circle with a checkmark to an orange warning icon. Click Save to enter changes.

Order Products

13) Peruse available merchandise on the PRODUCTS tab. To purchase an item, click Add To Cart.

14) To finalize your purchase, click on CART and enter payment details. No purchases are final until payment is received.

View Past Orders & Receipts

15) Click on a past order to find more details about each purchase.

16) View details on the order - amounts, date posted, notes, and what was purchased.

17) Click "View Receipt" to get a detailed printable receipt for the order.

If you have questions on your past orders, please contact your council for assistance.


Next Steps

Now you can learn how to register for EVENTS or reserve FACILITIES